Welcome to the Learning Center. As the growing season progresses, we will be presenting articles on preparation, growing, showing, and digging authored by Dahlia experts.

New! Controlling Plant Growth
Help! My Dahlias are overtaking the garden! Here's how to control your Dahlia's growth and direct your plant's energy to producing beautiful blooms.
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Now that our tubers have been started, let's plant!
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Starting Tubers
Steve Nowotarski tells us how to wake up your tubers after that long winter's nap.
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Spring Dividing of Clumps
Steve Nowotarski tells us how to divide your spring clumps to get the maximum amount of plants from a single clump.
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Dahlia Cuttings
Three points of view and a pictorial on how to make your own dahlia cuttings from tubers.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Dahlia Growing, Showing and Storing.
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John Lheron's Tip of the Month
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DAHLIA MYTHS I & II by Dr. Mike Pryor
Reprinted from the NADC Reporter



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