Learning: Planting Small Plants

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Photo 1: In this picture we see a small plant grown from a cutting ready to be planted out in the garden. The plant has been "harden off" for about a week, that is, after all chances of frost have passed, it has been placed outside in light shade. In the evening we take it inside. Remember this young plant is delicate and not ready for life in the garden.

Photo 2: We have removed the plant from the container and it's ready to be placed in soil. Before this we have placed a stake for support of the growing plant and placed the tag on the stake.

Photo 3: Now planted to the depth of the first pair of leaves. Soil is firmed up around the new plant.

Photo 4: Here we see the removal of these first leaves. This ensures a taller straight plant and no early problems with critters. Note: If your new plant is in direct sun place some type of shading over it for a fee days. I use plastic milk boxes. This will help the plant through its first week or so. It is a good idea to plant out on a cloudy day or in the late afternoon when the sun is not too bright.

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