39th Annual Mid Island Dahlia Society's Show
Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay, New York
September 14th-15th 2002
Bill Aldridge-Show Chairman
Name Of Prize Name Of Dahlia Exhibitor
Largest in Show Zorro Vincent Graziano
1 AA FD Clyde's Choice Charlie Butler
1 AA ID Zorro Doris & Jay Hexham
1 AA SC Wildman Marge Schnerr
1 AA Cac/Lc Clara Huston Doris & Jay Hexham
1 AA FD/ID-Special Almand Climax Nick Paternostro
1 AA SC/Cac/Lc-Special Wildman Larry Carlson
Best Of all AA's Zorro Vincent Graziano
3 AA FD/ID Zorro Doris & Jay Hexham
3 AA SC/Cac/Lc Danum Meteor Doris & Jay Hexham
AA Basket Irene's Pride Doris & Jay Hexham
1 A FD Lorado Joe Jasonis
1 A ID Islander Charlie Butler
1 A SC Doris B Bob Preuss
1 A Cac Camanno Messenger Marge Schnerr
1 A Lc Show & Tell Joe Jasonis
1 A FD/ID-Special Kidd's Climax Larry Carlson
1 A SC/Cac/Lc-Special Janal Amy Nick Paternostro
Best Of all A's Doris B Bob Preuss
King of the Show Zorro Vincent Graziano
3 A FD/ID Spartacus Doris & Jay Hexham
3 A SC/Cac/Lc Doris B Bob Pruess
1 B FD Formby Perfection Jane Wilklow
1 B ID Dorothy Comstock Marge Schnerr
1 B SC Hamari Accord Jane Wilklow
1 B Cac Kenora Majestic Marge Schnerr
1 B Lc Minerva Magic Tom Cleere
1 B FD/ID-Special Edna C Larry Carlson
1 B SC/Cac/Lc-Special Nicola Higgo George Nester
Queen of the Show Dorothy Comstock Marge Schnerr
3 B FD Formby Perfection Joe Jasonis
3 B SC Magic Moment Doris & Jay Hexham
3 B Lc Minerva Magic Tom Cleere
B Basket Magic Moment Doris & Jay Hexham
1 BB FD Hy Sockeye Joe Jasonis
1 BB ID Santa Claus Doris & Jay Hexham
1 BB SC Alice Denton Bob Preuss
1 BB Lc Nenekazi Tom Cleere
1 BB FD/ID-Special Connecticut Dancer George Nester
1 BB SC/Cac/Lc-Special Miss Rose Fletcher George Nester
Prince of the Show Alice Denton Bob Preuss
3 BB FD Jomanda John Northup
3 BB ID Santa Claus Doris & Jay Hexham
3 BB SC The Queen Bob Pruess
3 BB Lc Cheyenne Chief Doris & Jay Hexham
BB Basket Vernon Rose John Lheron
1 Min FD/ID Mary Hammett Kevin Fox
1 Min SC/Cac/Lc Glenbank Twinkle Larry Carlson
3 Min FD/ID Rose Toscano Bill Matteson
3 Min SC/Cac/Lc Weston Pirate Barry Oster
Miniature Basket Bernadette Castro Steve Nowotarski
1 Waterlily Taratahi Ruby Vincent Graziano
3 Waterlily 99 Brookhill Babe John Lheron
Waterlily Basket Cameo Dave & Dot Crockett
Name of Prize Name of Dahlia Name of Exhibitor
1 Ball Brookside Snowball Bob Pruess
3 Ball Cornell Doris & Jay Hexham
1 Mini Ball 01 Lady Gertrude Warren Gramman
1 Pom Poppet Vincent Graziano
3 Pom Poppet Vincent Graziano
Pom Basket Mixed Steve Nowotarski
1 Stellar Alloway Candy Charlie Butler
Stellar Basket Normandy Mikey Steve Nowotarski
3 Peony 01 Lavender Bishop Steve Nowotarski
3 Anemone Goldie Gull Doris & Jay Hexham
3 Collarette Elizabeth Snowden Dave & Dot Crockett
3 Single Ariel Doris & Jay Hexham
3 Mignon Single Daisy Dave & Dot Crockett
3 Orchid Lupin Shelia Dave & Dot Crockett
3 Novelty (OPEN) Seedling Steve Nowotarski
3 Novelty (DOUBLE) Shinkyoku Steve Nowotarski
Best of all AOT's Lupin Shelia Dave & Dot Crockett
AOT Basket Daisy Bill Matteson
Artistic Arrangement-Large Mixed Herb Elliot
Artistic Arrangement-Small Mixed Dot Crockett
'02 Introduction--Large Doris B Bob Pruess
'02 Introduction--Small Barberry Red Bob Pruess
1st or 2nd Year Seedling My Christmas Steve Nowotarski
Mid Island Origination Judy Albert Doris & Jay Hexham
A. D. S. Seedling Award Bernadette Castro Steve Nowotarski
Dahlia Grown in a Container Gallery Art Fair Steve Nowotarski
Novice AA/A Verda Ed Gibbons
Novice B/BB Hanna Baker Byron Wanty
Novice All Others Mary Hammett Tom DeLuca
We had a total of 1187 blooms. There were no entries in the following:
A Basket, 3 B ID, 3 B Cac, 1 BB Cac, 3 BB Cac, Ball Basket, 3 Mini Ball, Mini Ball Basket, 3 Stellar
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