July's meeting was well attended with Steve Nowotarski giving a talk on garden pests and how to thwart them. As you can see, both the Eastern Trial and Paul Callahan gardens are doing nicely, blessed by abundant rain and warm weather.

One of the largest specialty Dahlia concerns, Swan Island Dahlias, will be displaying a large variety of their Dahlias at the National Show in September. The display will be flown in from Oregon and is under the direction of Margaret Gitts.

Our first show is scheduled at the Planting Fields Horticultural Center, August 18-19. Blooms are accepted Friday, Aug 17 from 5:00pm-9:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-11:00am. Judging is Saturday at noon. The show is open to the public Saturday Noon-5:00pm and Sunday all day.

We'd like to thank Deputy Commissioner of Nassau County Department of Recreation, Parks and Support Services, Vincent Neglia and the Crew at the Sign Department for the beautiful new signs adorning our Eastern Trial and Dahlia Display Garden at Eisenhower Park. We appreciate the support you have given us over the years.

Mid-July to do list:

  • Keep the garden clean of all weeds and debris.
  • Time to feed. Side-dress each plant with a handful of 5-10-5. scratch-in, water well.
  • Continue to tie-up, top and disbud.

Reminder... Send in your registration forms for the National Show! Prices go up after July 31.

July 3rd Paul Callahan Garden crew catches some shade between chores
July 18th Paul Callahan Garden crew gathers to reflect upon the Magic Moment display
July 22nd Trial Garden crew poses under our new Eastern Trial Garden Sign

Crystal Ann P
Amber Glow
Caproz Jewel
of Arlene B

Magic Moment
Kelvin Floodlight
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Greener by the hour, the Paul Callahan Garden is fully staked, planted, topped, and tied

Late June Eastern Trial Garden has benefitted from copious rain and warm weather

Steve Nowotarski and Mario Bianco review planting procedures with Marie Clifford

Herb Kemper takes a break from weeding for a publicity shot

Joe Lysik armed with trusty Stirrup Hoe at the Eastern Trial Garden

Maureen O'Hara sporting her new sun shade at the Eastern Trial Garden

A Magic Moment is rescued from the scourge of a boarer
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