Our summer show at the Planting Fields Horticultural Center, August 18-19 was well attended despite some inclement weather. Many spectacular blooms were displayed. Pictures below, click here to view the Court of Honor.

Important Program Note... September 2nd at 9 AM, Ralph Snodsmith of WOR 710 AM's "The Garden Hot Line" will be interviewing MIDS expert Steve Nowotarski about Dahlias and the National Show. If you're in the New York metropolitan area, be sure to tune in.

This press release from the Planting Fields...

Planting Fields to Host The National Dahlia Show

Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park in partnership with the Mid Island Dahlia Society will be hosting the American Dahlia Society National Flower Show on September 15th & 16th, 2001. This will be the first time in over 30 years that the national show has been hosted in New York.

With such a great honor we have been preparing for this event since 1998 to ensure that it a memorable one. The history of the dahlia at Planting Fields dates back to the estate era of the property. Mr. Coe admired dahlias because of their bold texture and rich colors. In the mid 1980's Paul Callahan, a dedicated volunteer turned employee reintroduced dahlias to Planting Fields. Raised beds were constructed behind the Carriage House in rows to allow patrons to view dahlias in a display setting.

This garden was maintained solely by volunteers under his direction. With Paul's unfortunate passing in 1995, efforts were made to redesign a commemorative garden that would embody his passion for dahlias in a garden setting, while educating our visiting public.

In 1997, construction began on a new garden. Elements of the surrounding hardscape were echoed in the garden so that it would blend into its surroundings. The garden was designed by Dwight Andrews with input from arboretum staff, MIDS members and Peter Tilles. The goal was to capture dahlias and other great garden plants in more of a garden setting as well as a display setting. Raised beds with stone work and edging in a symmetrical pattern were constructed to accomplish this goal.

The implementation of the design was both labor intensive and costly. The construction of this garden was generously donated by Peter Tilles, trustee of the Planting Fields Foundation, and past president of the Friends of Planting Fields.

In the spring of 1998 the garden was completed and ready for planting. The Mid Island Dahlia Society offered to unconditionally maintain and develop the garden as one of the largest and most spectacular dahlia collections in the Northeast. Under the direction of Steve Nowotarski, MIDS members donate nearly 2000 hours a year of expertise to maintain this garden. Member's plant, prune, stake, fertilize, weed and cultivate over 400 dahlia plants of show and garden quality.

The Paul Callahan Dahlia Display Garden has many functions including aesthetics, education and functionality and is a key component of our national show.

The national show is expected to attract spectators and participants from all over the US and the world with people traveling from as far away as New Zealand. The judged flower show in the Burns Horticulture Center will feature 2001 blooms. The show will be open to the general public on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. In addition, local garden tours and educational lectures are scheduled.

This special event would not be possible without the enthusiastic support of our members, support organizations and our trustees. The Planting Fields Foundation, MIDS as well as individuals such as Peter Tilles have made this event possible. The theme of the event is "Capture the Magic Moment at Planting Fields". I encourage everyone to attend and celebrate this magic moment with us.

Bernadette Castro, Commissioner of New York State Parks will be attending the ADS 2001 Awards Banquet. We all welcome and look forward to meeting her.

It was our pleasure to see Irene Virag, Garden Columnist for Newsday, who paid a visit to the Paul Callahan Dahlia Garden September 5th. Irene is shown here with MIDS members Bill Allgeier and Steve Nowotarski.

Reminder... Get your registration in soon. The show is less than two weeks away! See you there!

Summer Show, August 18 and 19
Paul Callahan Dahlia Garden, Sept 5
Judges scrutinize Summer Show entries
Click here to view the Summer Show Court of Honor
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The Paul Callahan Garden is in full bloom, anticipating our ADS 2001 show guests

The Eastern Trial Garden is showing some promising new varieties for future gardens.

Runway model Mario Bianco sports the official ADS show tee shirt in white cotton

A Planting Fields entrance garden is spruced up to greet ADS Show visitors

Two of the many photographers that ply their trade daily at the Paul Callahan Dahlia Garden

Magic Moments galore are awaiting visitors to the 2001 ADS Show

Trial garden judges rate the new varieties

Feeding time at the Paul Callahan Dahlia Garden
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